Anita Rein is an Afro-Latina Pop, Soul and R&B singer-songwriter infusing Folk and Gothic Rock into her writing. Half white and half Latina, Anita is an advocate for rights for underrepresented communities. Her goals and aspirations consist of offering her point of view through music and performance while developing her cultural knowledge and pride in her heritage.


Anita Rein boasts skills in Spoken Word, drawing and painting as well as interpretive dance. With performances ranging from Amateur Night at the Apollo to the Voice and American Idol, Anita Rein has done it all. She is best known for her strength, commitment, bravery, passion, kindness and integrity. Anita Rein leaves a lasting impression on every stage with a quiet confidence and powerful sound. Some call her Path Finder. Some call her Relentless. I present to you: Anita Rein.